Concept art for The Warmaster

Concept art for The Warmaster
Concept art for The Warmaster
Concept art for The Warmaster

Hey, Kat again. It's finally time to share a character feature and not just any character, it's the Warmaster!

Below are some concepts. My biggest concern for the character was the helmet and I wanted to keep the Warmaster's face hidden for two reasons. One was to portray them as someone who is powerful, strategic and unyielding. The second and most important reason is for the player to decide the Warmaster's face, that anyone could or can become the warmaster.

For inspiration I looked at old military outfits and retro sci fi comic book outfits, however the retro sci fi focus would later shift to a more sleek techno look.  I love crazy epaulettes and was able to keep that in the design without it looking like a costumed villain. At one point the character will be more customizable but the helmet appearance may remain the same. 

We have decided on a final default appearance from the color line up but I'll be keeping that a secret for now.


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