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More Past Writing Experiences I Didn't Expect to Be so Useful (But Which I really Should Have)

Hello! It's Jorden, again. I'm just gonna dive right into it today. Those who know me know that I absolutely love tabletop role-playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Chronicles of Darkness, Shadowrun, and Stars Without Number to name a few… more »

UI/UX Artist: Cursor Development

UI/UX Artist: Cursor Development
Hi all. This is your UI/UX Artist Paul with more bit-by-bit developments on the new upcoming mouse cursors.  The mouse cursors in-game are going to be (like all cursors really) context sensitive and therefore change appearance depending on the… more »

Funny Goofs with Tutorial Testing

Hello! Jorden, here! I have a quick and funny story. Last week at the conclusion of our bi-weekly livestreams (next one is tomorrow April 6 at 3:30pm EST on ) after going offliine Arthur mentioned that he had gotten one of our… more »