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Sneak Peaks

Hey everyone! It's Jorden again with another quick update. (I just finished writing the blog. It wasn't that quick. I'm sorry). Today I just wanted to let you in on what I'm currently doing. Bit of a preview of something we're hoping will be in the game… more »

How Our Scenarios are Categorized

Hey everyone! Jorden, here. I've had time to get a lot more work done on the game's scenarios, which are my primary responsibility, and I thought I'd talk about how that works. Briefly, since I have to get back to it soon. We basically have three… more »

UI/UX Artist: Curses! Cursors Again!

UI/UX Artist: Curses! Cursors Again!
Hi all. This is your UI/UX Artist Paul here. This week I have updates on the Flight Cursor! Last time we saw the Selection Cursor which is used for navigating menus and other interactive in-game controls. The Flight Cursor is what appears in the Sim… more »