New Hexagonal Targeting Reticle

New Hexagonal Targeting Reticle

We've been busily updating Rank: Warmaster's HUD lately. The newest addition as of this week's livestream is the hexagonal targeting reticle.

It's basic mode surrounds potential targets with a color-coded hexagon: blue for friendly, red for enemies, yellow for neutral. As you get closer to an object, the reticle expands, so as not to hide that object. It also features a movement indicator. As in the screen shot above, if you're moving toward something, smaller lines will appear on the inside of the reticle; the more lines, the faster you're moving toward it. If an object such as an enemy ship was moving away from you, the lines would appear on the outside of the reticle, and again, the more lines, the faster the movement.

We've begun live-streaming our multiplayer tests; check them and more out at our Youtube channel!

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