Config Screen Update

Config Screen Update
Config Screen Update

Taking a break from the Terrain Engine, the Config screen needed to be rebuilt in the new control set.  And for the first time, screen resolutions can now be picked in the game, rather than forcing a command line option to set the resolution.  So this is new code.  I plan to finish it up in the next day.  The graphics are from the old system, and it is unlikely to be updated for the crowd funding release.  We just don't have the resources to do fresh graphics for everything.  Expect where there effort has been going to be posted soon.  To me, having the screen and monitors selectable is a big deal since the old system never had it.  As different people had different monitors, I had to manually program in a command line option for their favorite resolution.  Now I don't. :)  It defaults to 1920x1080, and then you can select what you want and save it.  Work still needs to be done on the config screen, of course.  The controls only show keyboard bindings and don't let them be changed yet, but that should be done very soon, so I can retire the old config screen.  I plan to tackle the navigation screen very soon.

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