Fleet Command

Fleet Command
Fleet Command

While a lot of behind the scenes code has been updated, the more obvious front facing code is the fleet command interface in the Sim screen.   With this, this allows the player to give quick commands to their own forces, while still piloting their own ship.  Even something as simple as attack my target, or Flee, it gives the player the quick ability to issue important commands.  With this system in place, it actually finally completes the single player game loop, so I'm actually more comfortable calling the game in an Alpha state rather than pre-alpha.  It still has a long way to go, but it's a Big milestone.  A player can build their own city from scratch, research their new buildings and ship parts.  They can gather resources and produce the ship designs.  The final piece was being able to issue orders to those built ships to do something useful.  The AI has already been able to do all of this, with the auto-save in place, one has the basic gameplay in place.  The campaign engine has been functional for a while.  Currently it is being used to do the tutorials which you've seen in other posts.  So now to work on the Navigation screen!  :)




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