Multiplayer almost in parity with single player!

Multiplayer almost in parity with single player!

The Multiplayer has expanded a great deal.  While building buildings might be nothing new, what you are seeing in the screen shot is the AI building buildings during multiplayer!  

As the title says, it is almost in parity with the single player experience.  What does that mean?  The last multiplayer test livestream on youtube we were testing out missiles in multiplayer.  The reason that was such a milestone was having something AI controlled that could spawn in after the initial gamestate was sent.  While it might sound that should be easy, it isn't.  Mostly because the gamestate makes sure everything is all hooked up to each other, so making sure something created has everything needed took a large bit to get running. Getting buildings running in multiplayer required so internal fundemental shifts.  Mostly of ownership of different things that should have moved a long time ago.  So it was either finally moving them or do a lot of crazy work arounds, which isn't a good idea in the long run.  Current, building the city works, and whoever put down the first building owns that city in the same faction/corporation.  Power distribution works, as does research...mostly.  I'm still working out a few syncronization issues.  Shouldn't take long.  The last big thing would be to have factories working.  I would expect the mines and refineries to not be a problem.  I hope to have all this resolved by the next multiplayer test!  That will be a giant milestone since the main game in multiplayer will finally be realized!


Please check out our youtube channel and if you want to contact us, we do have a discord of course!

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