UI/UX Artist: Faction Logos

UI/UX Artist: Faction Logos

Hello, this is your UI/UX Artist Paul here. Another small update but one that's undeniably useful nonetheless. Today I have Faction Logos! 

With a whole solar system full of hostile parties constantly leveling against you in real time (and multiplayer support coming along nicely) it is important to be able to distinguish friend from foe. Hence, the corporate/faction logos. When you're trying to take over the local star, gang signs are a part of the package. A reticle over a ship in your cockpit viewport alone doesn't say much. And if you've seen the multiplayer tests or screenshots here, that view port gets messy quick. The logos will serves as an easy way to quickly establish who's who, especially when there's more than one "who." How they will be implemented is where things can get a little creative. Maybe they will overlay the reticle at a distance? Maybe they will appear in the targeting computer. Maybe they will appear as decals on the hulls of the ships themselves. It doesn't stop at ships however. These logos can appear on any object or piece of technology. An abandoned research lab? A derelict satellite lingering in orbit around a moon? An exotic engine of unknown design found crashed into the sandy dunes of Mars? A strongly worded ultimatum with an insignia for a "Sincerely, ____" at the end? Anything man-made can make both practical and creative use of these logos.

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