Navigation Screen almost minimally done...Tutorial soon!

Navigation Screen almost minimally done...Tutorial soon!

The Navigation screen (or the RTS screen) is almost minimally done.  What does that mean?  It means, things are selectable, commands can be given, etc.  As soon as the builderbot can be told to build buildings successfully, I will declare victory and move on to the tutorial.  The graphics for the navigation screen are still being worked on, hence the minimalist pictures.  The graphics that I do have for it are stuff that I drew a while ago so I had something, and trust me, you don't want to see it. ;)  Does this mean the navigation screen is 100% done?  No, it just means that it will be functional for it's purpose, and I'm sure through play testing, a lot of suggestions will enhance it.

This also means the tutorial will start to be worked on rather soon.  This will effectively be a mini-campaign to help people understand how to play the game, of course.  But this also means the game is almost ready for a small release to testers.  Once that is completed, and applicable fixes put into place, who it is released to can be expanded.

Navigation Screen almost minimally done...Tutorial soon!
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