Rank: Warmaster at Pax Dev and Pax West!

I will be attending PAX Dev and the first day of PAX West later this month in Seattle, Washington.  If you want to talk about Rank: Warmaster or anything else, I’d love to share.  :)  I’m not presenting or anything, but I will be chatting people up for wisdom.  :)


A small update about multi-threading, I updated it today and lowered the load time to 12 seconds from 16 seconds.  I made sure to figure out which CPU the main thread was on, and then put the worker threads on their own CPU (accounting for hyperthreading).  So now it will auto-expand based on how many cores it knows you have in your computer.   Technically, the game isn't fully loaded, but by the time you go through the animations and get into the game proper, it basically is.  (And what isn't will be in a few seconds, so you won't notice anyway, which is the point!)

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