Road Map: The Future

Hello, we’ve been working on the game for quite some time, and we still know there is a LOT to go.  We thought it would be good to see what we envision in the shorter and longer term.  Basically, a road map!

  1. Utility theory AI.  I am currently working on the IAUS AI, which functionality wise, seems to work fine, and I’m converting existing functionality over to this new system.  I have a few weeks to finish this up.
  2. Tutorial Updates. There is a flight tutorial and a Main tutorial.  Both need polishing, and the main tutorial needs completion.
  3. Volume Tiled Forward Shading: A big monster improvement to the graphical fidelity of the game.  One of the problems about home growing your own engine is a lot of the standard features in a modern engine that was created over a decade with millions of dollars (or equivalent in work) behind it, is that the assumed bar for the average player is rather high.  This addition will help level that playing field by potentially handling in real time hundreds of thousands to millions of lights in real time.  We will see the reality once implemented, but it looks rather promising.
  4. Lots of miscellaneous visual updates. This will include things like putting atmospheric effects on the planets, engine flare, burning hulls, shadows, a far better building animation and many other improvements. We’ve been working on more gameplay features rather than visual ones, but we’ve realized we’ve left this issue for too long, so we plan to address it more directly.
  5. Navigation Screen. The Navigation/RTS screen while functional, needs some more loving before it will be what it needs to be.  This includes both graphically and functionality wise. 
  6. Remaining Screens. Most of the screens exist at this point and are functional, even if the graphics aren’t finalized. The self-damage screen needs to be finished up functionality wise, as does the building screen.  The screen that doesn’t exist yet, is the Tech Display screen which shows how all the technology and items relate to each other, so it can be easier to find what you are looking for in the web and plan to get to it.
  7. Random Events. There have already been scripted a series of random events to make the game play more interesting.  More about this to come later.  These and other events need to be implemented in game.
  8. Purge system. This is more internal garbage collection.  While there is no visual difference with this, it will allow longer play times.  The issue more is around preventing random crashes because what use to be there isn’t anymore.  This is an engine issue that needs cleaning up.
  9. Main Campaign. The game currently takes place on Mars for the most part, but that was never the intent long term.  The idea was to rage across most of the solar system with lots of surprises.
  10. Updated Techweb. I don’t just mean adding items, but all the data that the technology web in the game accounts for.  This includes a better buffing system, more expanded damage, and lots of other features that the current system constrains use from adding.
  11. Eventually everything will be in, and optimizations will take place.  By this point, the game will be in effective beta.  This I don’t expect for quite a while, but this is a road map.

While there are always bug fixes and other features being added based on feedback, the list above are the larger changes that we have mapped out and expect to do before the game will be considered version 1.0.  I hope you found this helpful!


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