Old menus back up and hit point bars

Old menus back up and hit point bars

The old menu system is back up and running, along with the Hitpoint display bars.  The Hitpoint display bars are broken up into sections and then sub sections.  Blue for shields (not shown), Green for Armor, and yellow for internals.  The subsections are for things like shields and armor which have individual armor ratings for each facet. The top part shows the lowest percentage of the worse facet.  So if the top section of a bar is all black, the armor (or shield) has been breached.  The bottom part of the subsection shows overall armor(or shielding).  The yellow section isn't broken up into subsections since internals just have straight hitpoints.  If all the internals reachs zero, the ship/building is destroyed.  The hitpoint bars are used for other things too, like the targeting monitor and self-damage monitor, but those aren't running yet.

The point of the old menu is to do the RTS (Real Time Strategy) things without having to go to the RTS screen.  Most of the time this is to command the builder bot to build a building, but can be used to get statuses and command buildings, including self-destruct and powering down/up.


Old menus back up and hit point bars
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