UI/UX Artist: Statuses, Statuses Everywhere

UI/UX Artist: Statuses, Statuses Everywhere

Hi all, this is your UI/UX Artist Paul. Given the craziness of the holidays I have a small update. Introducing the Universal Status icon.

There are a lot of things to keep track of in the game, a lot of things with ongoing statuses. After finding ourselves looking for what to click on for X status or Y status it dawned on us that an icon that simply meant "Status" sans context had never been made. And so, here it is! Keeping inline with the preexisting status icons as variations of the common "Power" symbol, the Status icon was designed to be abstract ring glyph interpretable as both an inbetween of all the other status conditions at once, and also a donut graph which itself is reminiscent of a level reading.

In the lower portion of the preview image a mockup shows the icon juxtaposed with its target's corresponding current status. Additionally making an appearance, the updated Tool Tip Bar is visible, showing the text readout that appears when the player mouse-overs the two icons.

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