UI/UX Artist: Targeting HUD Icons

UI/UX Artist: Targeting HUD Icons

Hello all. This is your UI/UX artist Paul here. The lastest update on my end are the new Targeting HUD icons! 

A lot of games have simplistic combat mechanics. You damage a ship until it runs out of "health" and then it explodes. We want more finesse than that. In Rank: Warmaster, ships have damageable weapons, engines, cockpits, and dynamic hulls with a per-polygon armor system. This allows players to decide what exactly they're after and tailor their in-combat strategy accordingly. Taking out an enemy's weapons and allowing them to escape may clue players in as to what direction an enemy faction's base or capital ship lies. Taking out the engine but leaving the reactor intact would be quite lucrative if it's a better power source than players currently possess. Taking out the reactor so that the weapons cannot fire but remain in pristine condition for retrieval? You can see where this becomes advantageous. Of course, as players will find out, all of these statuses and tactics apply equally to themselves...

UI/UX Artist: Targeting HUD Icons
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