Asset Screen #3: Now We're Getting Somewhere

Asset Screen #3: Now We're Getting Somewhere

The asset screen is starting to come together. We can now see, in order from top to bottom: 1) information about our corporation, 2) information about our personnel file(s), 3) information about the city or cities that we've built, and 4) information about each of the buildings in our city or cities.

As you can see, this is a lot of data, but we've tried to make it easier to find things at a glance with unique and recognizable icons. Want to know how many cities your corporation has, or how many cities you as the player control (which might not be the same number, depending on how you're playing the game)? Just look for the city icon at the top center of the gold and red bars. Want to know if your city is adequately defended? Just look for the turret icon on the left side of the green city bar.

In addition to what you see, the asset screen will also show you information about how many squadrons you or your corporation control, as well as stats for individual ships. Stay tuned as we turn this into a fully-functional control center for your corporation and all your assets!

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