Mostly Bug Stomping...

Mostly Bug Stomping...
Mostly Bug Stomping...
Mostly Bug Stomping...

Mostly Bug stomping in the old shipbuilder.  It's actually become stable, which is scary.  LOTS of bugs stomped.  There were some insidious bugs from the old days that I never figured out back then that I resolved.  I made a series of internal debugging tools that have worked wonders. There is one remaining section that needs to be addressed before I will declare it stable (meaning the shipbuilder), which is when an existing ship design is re-imported.  The save works fine, the design works fine, the load off the disk works fine (which is obviously a pre-existing design but isn't what I mean).  I mean taking a design that is already in memory and loading it in the shipbuilder.   While the answer might be just to load it from disk since it's the same design and that works cleanly, the purge of the memory is the problem so if I just orphan it, I'll end up with a memory leak.  The clean up code is obviously the issue and I just have to sit down and see what I messed up.  But it really should be the last of it.


I already started to design the newer shipbuilder and have a skeleton of a newer more powerful "control" for the new interface.  It will be shared in the new factory screen, and likely all over the place.  It will be nice when I can show that. ;)

So for your viewing pleasure, I have the new capship model fighting a mix of a new design and an old design.  These pictures are before I added shields on the Capitol ship.  14 fighters vs an unshields cap ship, the capship didn't last long.  When it was shielded it actually still lost but it was a FAR more fair fight.  I really  have to add the bump mapping textures to the ship renderer.  Everything is there, ready to do it, there is just a small disconnect in the pipeline that I have to bridge.

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