Pregenerated Corporations: Taiyo no Me Waveforms

I totally almost forgot to write this!

Hi everyone, you read the title so you know who it is and I'm here with our penultimate pregenerated corporation, Taiyo no Me Waveforms.

Taiyo no Me means Eye of the Sun. Just as the Sun's light both illuminates the truth and burns away the weak, so too does Taiyo no Me Waveforms seek out their enemies and annihilate them. At the forefront of the field of electromagnetism, Taiyo no Me concerns themselves with all the possible applications for light. This extreme dedication to their craft has produced the most powerful lasers and detailed sensors in the solar system, allowing them to plan surgical strikes against oblivious rivals. With Taiyo no Me Waveforms, the Eye of the Sun will show you the path to victory.

Suggested Traits:

·         Bonus to laser damage

·         Bonus to sensor range

·         Penalty to missile damage

Today's corporation is Japanese which I feel carries a lot of expectations with it. There are a lot of ideas about what Japan might look like in the future and I tried to draw from that a little without stereotyping. When I think about the future there tends to be two distinct images in my head, maybe in a lot of our heads. There's the heavily mechanized hyper-industrial future with big guns and big robots running on super nuclear reactors producing unspecified vast amounts of power. Very oil and metal kind of feel in that one. The other is a super neon glow future where everything is built using hard light construction and powered by solar fusion plants and happy thoughts. They kind of both exist in the world of Rank: Warmaster as evidenced by the various branching tech trees available to the player, though aesthetically the current game leans more towards the first version. Taiyo no Me Waveforms is designed to be like the second version where I imagined a company that, as the advertisement says, was determined to explore every possible use for light. This has cost them a competitive edge in the explosives department but what's the value of a missile when you can just vaporize your enemies with a death ray? Of further interesting note, the qualities I listed also indicate another mechanic which is not currently in the game but is definitely coming to the game: sensor range. Currently there is no fog of war in Rank: Warmaster, you always know exactly where your enemy is. This is going to change in the unspecified future (I'm not one of the coders, I can't make promises as to the timeline of development). We're presently batting around the idea of tying sensor range into the ship's cockpit to allow the player to fit a ship with the kind of sensors they need. A scout ship will have the best sensors you can put on it and little else, essentially becoming a flying radar dish. Your fleet fighters probably don't need sensors which can detect much further away than their maximum weapon range, especially if you mix some of those scouts into the fleet. When the sensor system is implemented and the game has a proper fog of war then the plan is to ensure that enemy bases spawn in much further away from the player and each other so you'll have to go looking for them.

I've gotten super off topic here so anyhow thanks for stopping by and come back next week when we'll be covering the last corporation I wrote: Higgs & Smith Engineering Solutions (who are basically the polar opposite of this week's corporation).

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