UI/UX Artist: Hand Cursor Part 2

UI/UX Artist: Hand Cursor Part 2

Hi all! This is your UI/UX Artist Paul and this week I have a humble update on the Hand Cursor I introduced a few weeks back. I'm back from vacation last week and suffice it to say one doesn't get a lot of graphic design work done while tent camping in a tropical storm. Nonetheless the cursor design has improved since last shown!

To ensure that the cursor looks crisp and clear, it will be treated like an icon and therefore exist as a 3D polygon object within the game engine. Above is a preview of the "Over Clickable" hand cursor in the 3D modeling environment.

As stated before (and worth re-emphasizing anyway,) hands are notoriously tricky to draw. Below are the current stages of the different hand cursor states. By no means are these finished. The Pointer is proving the most finnicky. Hand-drawn illustrations of hands are skill-demanding enough. Using a mouse to adapt that into a 2D vector that will look good while also being minimalistic enough to fit a low polygon count? This has been an excersize of the hands in more ways than one.

UI/UX Artist: Hand Cursor Part 2

I will continue to update these while also adding finishing touches to the Corporation Screen. There's no easy way around some tasks, just to keep going forward.

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