Tutorial 3

Hey everyone! Really quick blog this time, just an update on the tutorials.

Like I said last time, Tutorial 2 has a complete draft and now Tutorial 3 is also nearing completion of its first draft. I'm hoping to have a complete first draft in the next couple of days at which point there should just be some small adjustments to Tutorial 2 and 3 before I implement them into Articy. Once all three tutorials are in Articy I'll be focusing on corrections based on feedback and playtests while I hope to assemble a voice script for all 3 tutorials (Tutorial 1 actually already has a voice script, fun fact).

You may find it interesting that Tutorial 3 is the first fully new tutorial in a while. I had always planned to do 3, our game is a little too complex to cover everything in just one or two tutorials, but we only finished the first two before we started using Articy and the opportunity arose to do a rewrite to make all the tutorials better. Tutorial 1 covers the flight simulator aspects, while tutorial 2 is all about the city building and RTS gameplay. The two of them serve to introduce the player to the basics of playing Rank: Warmaster without throwing too much at them right away. Tutorial 3 is focused on bringing it all together, it's all about multitasking. In Tutorial 3 the player will learn how to manage all of their responsibilities at once, and also how to delegate responsibility to the game's various AI helpers. My goal with the tutorials has always been to teach the player not only how to use the different interfaces, but how to play Rank: Warmaster well. I dislike tutorials which show the player the basics in such an isolated state that they then get into the game and find out that they're still totally unprepared for real gameplay. Of course you can't prepare the player for the uncontrolled nature of actual gameplay in a complex game like Rank: Warmaster, but I want the player to say "Oh, I have to act a little faster in actual play, but I at least know what I can try to get started." I really want to avoid players feeling like "The tutorial was so removed from actual gameplay that I have no real idea what I'm doing now."

That's all for now, check back in a couple weeks when I should have more good news!

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