UI/UX Artist: Hand Cursor Part 3!

UI/UX Artist: Hand Cursor Part 3!

Hi all. This is the UI/UX Artist Paul here. This week I have updates on the Hand Cursors! Not a lot to talk about as is sometimes the case, so here's the showcase.

These cursors are the Pointer and the Grab versions of the hand cursor family. The Hover or Clickable cursor was shown in a previous blog post. These new one have a higher poly count due to the curvature of certain elements. This can be reduced in further revisions. Playtesting the mouse cursors in-game and seeing them at their rendered resolutions will produce feedback for subsequent edits.

With these cursors well underway, a human touch to a user interface otherwise filled with numbers, object icons, buildins, and ships is a welcome update.

UI/UX Artist: Hand Cursor Part 3!
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