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Hey, it's Jorden again! As I indicated in my last couple of posts, the pregenerated corporations were all written months ago, before the Indiegogo campaign launched, so today how about a quick overview into what I've been working on for the project lately and then in the next few posts I can cover some specifics of the most interesting bits. Unfortunately my work isn't really as flashy and cool to show off as what everyone else is doing, that's just kind of how it is with pure writing at times, but I can still try to display what I can.

Three of my ongoing projects are all under the banner of "marketing" which the team as a whole has had to take on since we parted ways with the marketers who managed our crowdfunding and social media before November. None of us are really trained marketers but I'm the closest (I think I took a whole three classes on the subject back in college and I only slept through one). It's fallen to me to try and rework the different elements of our public face to the best of my ability, from our website to the upcoming Steam page. The website is getting there and it's a joint effort between me and Arthur to try and make it better. My other personal responsibility has been writing the game's upcoming trailers for when we are closer to release. We need a short teaser trailer (which is written) and a longer release trailer (which really isn't). The third project is the continued writing of our social media posts; you may have even noticed the difference when the social media changed hands. As of November I write all of our social media posts with Matt and Arthur overseeing. We're basically three monkeys crowding around a typewriter and I will personally fight anyone who ever wants to say that social media is easy or that millenials are all naturals at it because this isĀ hard. I've never struggled to write anything in my life as much as I've struggled on our marketing and anyone who does this professionally has my respect forever.

So the website, trailers, and social media are my marketing related projects. My other task has been writing the game's second tutorial (currently called the main tutorial but I'm lobbying to rename it the City Building Tutorial). That project has been coming along pretty well and I might even share some bits of it that I found entertaining. I'm personally hoping to have my segment of the tutorial done by the end of next week (it's a holiday week at time of writing after all) and then once it finishes being coded in we'll be much closer to something that anyone in the public can pick up and play.

That's all for now, just a quick overview of what I've been up to. I think I'll be back in two weeks with my next update and hopefully some good news on the progression of those projects!

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