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UI Icons

UI Icons
Here is a WIP screenshot of the icon set that will be used for the different levels of the Omni Ball user control interface. Further updates are pending. In full implementation these will be grouped by category making up the branching levels of the Omni… more »

Progress in the main trunk up to the beginning of July

I always thought these were cool.  This should also give you an idea of the scope of what has already been done.  This is just of the main trunk and doesn't include the assets directories of everyone else.  The music is by Chris and is part of one of… more »

First look at new UI control

While not that pretty yet, the functionality is almost there.  In the screen caps shown here, you can see the pretty Omniball on the left, but the main interest here is the new "grid" control.  This grid control, once fully completed, will not only work… more »