The backdrop is in the future when mankind is about to discover and implement faster than light travel. A expeditionary force is sent out to Alpha-Centari to create man's first jump gate. During the time that force took to get to Alpha-Centari, the Earth based governments ran out of money to pay back their loans to the Mega-Corporations that built their military infrastructure, so they decided to do a coup. It failed, and now the defense satellites that once defended earth "just in case", were now programmed as a scorched earth policy to fire ON Earth itself, wiping out millions. Those few trapped offworld decide to make a new life with the technology they have, because approaching Earth would be suicide since the defense grid would not only firing upon the approaching ship, but fire against Earth as well.

Some settle on different moons, but the player starts on Mars with other survivors. Eventually the limited resources forces the different groups and factions to interact, sometimes diplomatically, but more often than not, by force. New technology while still able to be discovered, is a long process, and simply "taking" from your neighbor has become policy for certain groups. It is up to the player to join them, lead them, or defend against such foes.

Meanwhile, the Alpha-Centari expedition has started to implement the means to get home. Their original goal was to build a jumpgate for instant travel back to Earth, however Earth's jumpgate isn't responding. They are unaware of what has happened on Earth. However, they are able to modify their gate to send very small but larger and larger masses. Just scouts at first, but they seem themselves as the successors to the legitimate government since they were sent out by them. They decide to subdue what they see as revolutionaries and traitors. They can't bring in the forces to conquer the fledgling city-states, but as time moves forward, they can bring more equipment to bare.

So it is a race to see who can finally dominate the solar system and decide it's fate.

What it's all about...

Rank: Warmaster is a combination of many Genres. Primarily it is a Space Combat simulator, but with aspects of a First Person shooter, a Real Time Strategy, held together with a 4X (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate) gluing it all together.

Terrain Sewing done!

Terrain Sewing done!

And no more seams! :)   Everything is all sewn up like it should be.  Now to go back to the heavy maths for placements  and scaling and make it replace the current Mars in the "sky".  :)


Terrain Sewing almost done.

Terrain Sewing almost done.

Test the "sewing up" of the triangles.  Because I'm using equalateral triangles rather than quads, the sewing is different.  And because how you put together "rings" of different resolution triangles (starts with a hex of them, then go out from there in rings), the sewing only needs to happen on one side.  I'm just verifying that it is working.

One more piece needs to be done to finish sewing, and that is to share the overlapping vertexs to prevent any gaps.


Fighter Ship Texturing

Fighter Ship Texturing

Updated redone texturing of base model single-occupant fighter ship.

Introduction: Arthur D. Moyer

Since we seem to be doing introductions, my name is Arthur D. Moyer.  I'm the Lead Designer, coder, and man of many hats.  I have been in software development and system design for over 25 years professionally.  I have a GREAT passion for video games, and I finally have an opertunity for a dream to reality.  :)  More to come later.

Introduction: Adam Guenther

Greetings! My name is Adam and I'll be working on 3D modelling and game systems.



Hello! My name is Paul Blessing and I am one of the 2D and 3D artists on the development team.

Introduction: Chris Kaminski

Hello, everyone! 


My name is Chris Kaminski and I will be working on the music for this game. I am a composer and clarinetist currently getting my Masters in Composition at Michigan State University. My music tends to be a fusion of different genres together, and I love combining heavy metal, jazz, minimalism, and Carnatic music. I have dabbled in electronic music before, and recently I have been getting into it more and more. I have mostly done "classical" music in the past, and I am very excited to be working on this game!

If you are curious about the other music I have written, please check out my website!


Updated Terrain Engine #2

This is an update from before.  In this case, the display goes out much further and shows the heightmaps working for different resolutions.  However, there is still much to be done.  The different resolutions need to be sewn up (hence the black openings), the  normals need to be corrected, and further resolution and scaling need to be tweaked.  So more to come, but it's progress.  The capture software really kills the frame rate (and I HAVE do the game in windowed mode, unfortunately).  I get over 60 FPS in 4K, so in 1080p windowed that this was captured in isn't representative of the speeds.