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Raise Shields! Damage Report!

Hello again! Today I'd like to talk about Rank: Warmaster's defensive strategies and mechanics, as well as how the game models the damage you take from all those lovely weapons I discussed last time. Before a ship take damage, there are a couple of… more »

Asset Screen #2: Humble Beginnings

Asset Screen #2: Humble Beginnings
This is the beginning of the new asset screen. It doesn't look like much yet, but quite a lot of work has gone into it already behind the scenes. In order to see just the data in this screen shot, an entire workflow had to be developed to allow the… more »

UI/UX Artist: New HUD Concept Art!

Hello everyone! This is your UI/UX Designer Paul. Recently I've been working on the design elements for the in-game Heads-Up Display! [image:211] For context, here' how the current "cockpit" outlook appears in-game. The ship rendered in green on the top… more »

Synthesizer Design

The first sound you will hear in the game is this synthesizer, which is an instrument made with Max for Live. [thumbnail:205:medium:left] This instrument, with all of the other effects that I added to it, sounded great, but didn’t handle dissonance well… more »

Shields from PAX

While I was out at PAX Dev, for demo purposes, I updated the sheilds and how they look.  Here is a live demostration of the shields being hit, with the monitor that shows the target's status zoomed in on the left for the pilot to see what area is most… more »

Research Building

Research Building
Kat again with another building share. This time the research building.   As usual the concepts are created either with silhouettes or sketches. For the research building I wanted it to have a unique look. After drawing some designs out and group… more »

Beams, Bangs, Bombs and BWAAAAAAAAT!: Weapon Types

Hello! My name is Adam and I'm in charge of the technology web as part of the Rank: Warmaster development team, which includes creating the guns, buildings, systems, and equipment you'll see in the game.  Today I'll be talking about the different types… more »

Asset Screen #1: Where's the icon?

Asset Screen #1: Where's the icon?
  I've recently started rebuilding the asset screen for Rank: Warmaster. This screen will allow you to control your personnel, your AIs, your installations, and your ships; your assets, in other words. It'll be a busy screen! But everything starts… more »

UI/UX Artist: We Have a Logo!

UI/UX Artist: We Have a Logo!
Hi all! This is Paul, your UI/UX designer. It is with great pride that I announce that we at Laser Beams & Particle Streams Inc officially have ourselves a logo for our indie game dev start up! We finally have a face to put to the name! All done by… more »

Cross Posting

Many new changes are coming, that includes more frequent updates, and from differnt parts of the team.  Earlier, there was an update from Chris about some of the music in Rank: Warmaster.  Coming this week will be other updatese about the artwork and… more »

Connective Threads in the Rank: Warmaster Soundtrack

My friend James Yuhas and I were talking about video games one day, and he mentioned that some video games use the same thematic material throughout the entire game, like Koji Kondo’s soundtrack to Super Mario World. I knew films and games use certain… more »