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UI/UX Artist: Oy Those Bloomin' Bloom Settings

Hi all. This is your UI/UX Artist Paul here continuing the ongoing progress of the various Screen uplifting. [image:546] The above image shows one of the primary stumbling blocks that I've encountered is that the game engine's bloom function is, to put… more »

What I've Been Doing Lately

Hey, it's Jorden again! As I indicated in my last couple of posts, the pregenerated corporations were all written months ago, before the Indiegogo campaign launched, so today how about a quick overview into what I've been working on for the project… more »

Pregenerated Corporations: Higgs & Smith Engineering Solutions

Here I am once again with our final pregenerated corporation. I originally wrote these because it was a suggestion of the marketing firm we worked with at the time that we should have some kind of factions that players could identify with as part of our… more »

UI/UX Artist: Graphical Overhaul Continued >> Factory & Research Screens

The graphical overhaul of the remaining screens continues. There's not much to say here, as these improvements are visual. [image:542] This is the "old" Research Screen, dated March 25th. This was back from when "gradiented silver bezels" were the… more »

Pregenerated Corporations: Taiyo no Me Waveforms

I totally almost forgot to write this! Hi everyone, you read the title so you know who it is and I'm here with our penultimate pregenerated corporation, Taiyo no Me Waveforms. Taiyo no Me means Eye of the Sun. Just as the Sun's light both illuminates… more »

Pregenerated Corporations: Kizuizi Heavy Armaments

Hey everyone! Jorden again, need you to stop judging me for being a little inconsistent with exactly which Monday's I'm posting on because I've actually been pretty busy lately. As a quick note, I'm going to be posting every Monday for a few weeks to… more »

UI/UX Artist: Rose-Tinted Glasses?

UI/UX Artist: Rose-Tinted Glasses?
Hi everyone. This is your UI/UX Artist Paul here. This week I'm covering a more in-depth look at the aesthetic direction of Rank: Warmaster! [image:531] We've arrived at a unified aesthetic with our transparent glassy windows and thin white glowing… more »